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  • Guaranteed Pass Course

    £1700 MANUAL £1800 AUTOMATIC
  • 6 Hour Course

    £207 Manual with Practical Test £230 Automatic with Practical Test

Intensive Driving Course

Intensive Driving Course.

Don’t wait months to take a Practical driving test. We can provide you with an Intensive driving Course in London and the surrounding areas, normally within a matter of days.

Once you commit to a course we commit to you throughout the course and beyond.

Intensive Courses are not for the weak hearted it can be a tough week, however the sound of you have Passed your driving test from the Examiner will be the cherry on the cake.


How it Works.

We can tailor make your course to suit your needs with no extra cost. Just let us know your time-table giving as much notice as possible, and we will try our best to arrange our instructor around you. Therefore, you can make your course as long or as short as you want in terms of how you would like it structured.

Offering Manual and Automatic, choosing Intensive Driving 4u is the first step torwards obtaining your full UK Licence.

We offer a door to door pick up service from your home, work or any other area of your choice. This means unlike residential courses, there is no need to pay out for accomodation.


Our Promise 

With a healthy track record, all our instructors are fully qualified and well trained in taking Intensives.

Not all instructors have the patience to teach the same student for an intensive driving course, however all our intructors teach this on a daily basis and are well equipped to handle all types of students. You will find its much easier to fault find on an intensive course.

We are fully equipped to see any faults very early on in your course. We take pride in having ex instructors from the likes of BSM and the AA who have been with us for quite a few years.

The trained eye of a good instructor is priceless, dont be fooled by large schools that doesnt mean the instructors respect the cars they are driving.

Its been proven instructors usually leave the large establishments after a short time which means they have a quick turnover resulting in quantity not quality.

We pride ourselfs on commited instructors who have been with the school for many years.




6 HOURS from £207


We can also book you a theory test with the course for £25.00


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