Frequently Asked Questions

As a person new to learning, or even already learning you may have come across areas you are unsure of, here are a list of the most frequently asked questions:

1) I have received my Provisional License before my 17th Birthday can I use it?

Many people are unsure about what the minimum age you can start learning to drive is, rumours have been going around for many years often confusing first time drivers.

You can send off for your provisional license when you are 16 but this does not become valid until your 17th Birthday.
So the minimum age for learning is 17 right? Wrong, if your are 16 and in receipt of mobility allowance, the minimum age is 16. Not sure if this applies to you? Just give us a ring on our local rate number  and one of our staff will be happy to give assistance.

2) What course will suit me?

There are no set number of lessons that will get you at test standard as each individual learns at their own pace, your  instructor will be able to assess your progress and give you an estimate to what course you need.

We also offer semi intensve driving courses.

3) Are your lessons for a full hour?

Yes our lessons are for 1 full hour providing one to one tuition, we do not piggy back like other companies.

4) Do you book Theory and Practical tests?

We have a dedicated admin team who specialise in booking immediate tests, so if your after a test as fast as possible, feel free to give us a ring and see what we can do for you!

5) How long are your waiting lists for tests?

Due to the large amount of areas we cover it is impossible to give a fixed amount of time for tests to become available, however as mentioned above we have a dedicated team to book and secure immediate tests if you so wish.

We also offer gauranteed pass courses which will guarantee a fast test date.

6) What kind of quick pass courses do you offer?

We offer intensive if they are of interest to you, please call us to discuss.

7) Do you offer discounts?

Yes we have arrange of discounts that may be of interest to you please see our monthly newsletters to find out more.

8) I have an international license what rights do I have?

If you hold a full international license you are entitled to drive in the U.K for one year from the date of your arrival, for more information on driving licenses you can pick up a D100 form from your local post office. Or visit the link below to download them.

DVLA– all forms are available on line here on their website.

9) What cars do your instructors use?

We make use of a range of cars including; Peugeot 206, Renault Clio, BMW Mini One, Citroen Saxo, Fiat Punto...

10) What is your Pass rate?

7 out of 10 of our pupils pass providing they follow the recommended course of lessons advised by their instructor. We have a high success rate for those who put the time in.
11) Do you have Male & Female instructors?

Yes we can provide male and female instructors throughout London.

12) Are your Instructor’s patient?

We can assure you our instructors can meet the needs of even the most demanding pupil, However if you dont get along with the instructor we will try and change the course over To a different instructor where possible.

We offer a rapid test finding service, which means we can locate you a test in your local area within a short space of time.
There is a £46 for this service.

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