Gauranteed Pass Courses

Guaranteed Pass Courses

We offer the ultimate of all courses the Guaranteed Pass Driving Course in Croydon and Mitcham plus many more areas..

This course is designed for students who think they would fail a few times, maybe because of nerves or even some students like to know they have the security of knowing they are not pressured into passing the 1st time around.The guaranteed pass course will enable you to sit as many test as you need before you pass your practical test, we also offer 4hrs of extra driving tuition between each test in the eventuality of a fail. We can offer you a free pass plus package and extra motorway lessons if you pass 1st time so as you see its a win win situation when you take a guaranteed pass course.Please note we only do two courses of this nature.

Call us today and see if we can obtain your full licence ASAP.

Please contact the school if you cant see your area at 0208 133 4817
You can now skype us on infoinfo485.
Why wait for months in order to obtain a licence, you can have one with a week literally.
let us take you on the journey to obtain a licence quickly. 


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