Terms And Conditions

1. It is your responsibility to bring both parts of your licence with you for the Theory and Practical Test.

2. If you are using your own car to take your test, it is your responsibility to make sure you read the information on the DVSA website to comply with the latest rules and requirements.

3. All pupils must check the date and time of their Practical test at least 3 clear working days before it is due, and also on the day of the test in case of any unforeseen changes that may have occurred. For example, the DVSA will often change a test date at short notice if they can no longer cover the time slot with an examiner who is ill or if there is bad weather. They will send an email to us but it may not be seen and reported in time to you.

4.The DVSA require 3 clear working days to amend or cancel any test. After this time, they will not refund any fees.

If you want to cancel or change your test date, (especially within a few days of the DVSA's 3 Working Day cancellation period), you must contact the office or do so yourself either by calling the DVSA on  0300 200 1122 or on the DVSA website if you are unable to speak to someone in person.  It is not your driving instructors responsibility to pass on this message.

5. You can check your Practical test on the DVSA website. All you need is your Theory Certificate Number and your Licence Number.

 6. All Mini / Guaranteed Pass students must put as much time and effort into  in their lessons as they would on a standard course.  They will also need to have reached test standard within the stated amounted of hours (minus 3hrs test time) if not they will have to pay for additional hours direct with the instructor as the instructor will not be able to take a pupil to a test if they are not test ready.  Large gaps between tests should not be taken by the student unless the problem is with the availability of tests or instructor.  If it is due to the pupil's unavailability, we reserve the right to ask them to book extra lessons / tests.

All GP courses need to be taken over a short space of time, we will not be liable if the student does not take the hours over the specified time, also if a test has been booked but not taken the student will lose the test fee, and consequently will have to pay for this again. It will not be replaced with part of the package of tests.

Pupils on a Mini GP course should be of a competent level of driving before their course starts, and only in need of refreshing and targeting a few points.

All GP courses once booked cannot be downgraded to a standard course.

7. All Theory and Practical tests are booked with the same card used for the deposit, and this price comes off the overall price of the course.

8. All free re tests are also booked with the pupils card, and the £62 test fee is deducted from the tuition fees on the day. This is done to prevent pupils simply not attending their free re test due to any last minute change of plan from them.

9. All free re tests are subject to hiring the instructor and car (3hr minimum) through the school, and an admin fee is also charged if you want a quick cancellation which can be found via our Out Source Team.  They also find quick Theory tests.  This fee is taken from the same card used for the booking. (If we find, we do not charge).  

10. All courses that have not been taken, or stopped without providing the school directly with a reason in writing, within a 3 month period from the start date will be lost, ie if a course has been started but not finished by the pupil, we may not be able resume the course.  If a pupil chooses the incorrect course due to giving the school incorrect information, we may not be able to change their course straight away.

11. All students must report any incidents that may occur to the office in writing as and when they happen, i.e. if you think your instructor was late or you have any other issues, we cannot deal with any aftermath situations. In the event you are not satisfied with your instructor, we will change the instructor.

All complaints must be sent via email you will receive our reply within 28 working days.

12. Once the payment has been taken for the deposit and tests, the outstanding balance must be paid in the car to the instructor.  This payment may be split into 2 or 3 parts depending on the amount. At least one significant payment needs to be paid on the first day, unless otherwise arranged.  Deposits are for the instructor after the course is completed is paid via the school on completion where applicable.

13. Please note, if in the event of a student failing or not being able to attend their Theory or Practical test, the deposit will not be used for extra test bookings.

14. If you have any problems with your course, you must notify the office on the same day. A notice period of 48hrs are required to change any pre booked lessons with your instructor to prevent cancellation fees or loss of hours. Any test found by the school will be cancelled if a student wishes to cancel a course. If you choose or agree to take your test before using all of your hours, this will be between you and your instructor.  The school will not refund these hours, and if you need another test, you may forfeit your free re-test if you do not book at least the minimum car hire course or more.

15. All courses over 3hrs will carry a half hour break within the course time. More time can be added if you choose, this can be discussed with your instructor as and when.

16. Please be aware that due to instructor unavailability or any incidents that occur during your course i.e. instructors fall ill, or they have an incident with their vehicle which prevents them from teaching (cases where there is a fault that does not stop the car from teaching use like the air con not working for example are not included ) we will try and replace you with another instructor, resulting in using a different car which may be from our pool of instructors or a 3rd party school, however refer to our prices unless otherwise agreed.  In the event that a 3rd Party school is used, recognisable with their own headboard, intensivedriving4u will act as an agent and any funds paid up front to the instructor is between yourself and the instructor, so please ensure you receive receipts and a time table which is workable. If you find your own test / instructor you will forfeit the deposit unless we have had time to do this within the given time frames.
18. Deposits are non refundable, but can be valid for 3months and are minused off the price of the course. All deposits must be paid in full before your course begins.  All outstanding balances of the driving course payments should be completed in the car.

If a refund is applicable, this will normally take 30 days from agreeing the refund to receiving the payment, however we need to have an opportunity to make right things that may have gone wrong first.

17. All courses include the time duration of the Practical test, along with pick up and drop off on the day.  The usual allocated time for this is 3hrs.  If the instructor thinks you are not ready for the test on the day due to relevant circumstances, he or she has the right not to give you the car for the test and will give you lessons instead. Pupils on a Gauranteed Pass Course need to be test ready before attempting their first test, if they require more tuition this needs to be paid for by the student directly.

GP courses carry a high deposit which needs to be paid directly to the school in full before your course begins. The balance is paid in the car.

19. Courses from 10hrs and under can be downsized without the deposit changing.  Courses from 15hr and over carry a higher deposit and can't be downsized.  All courses from 3hrs upwards can be upgraded, courses from 15hrs and over may not go down to 10hrs or less without prior authorisation from the office.

20. All pupils must pay the Congestion Charge if they wish to be picked up from within that zone.  We would advise however to meet the instructor in an alternative collection point.

21. There is a 3% card charge to all card  payments. We only accept the deposit via card,  leaving the balance to be paid in the car or direct into the Company or Instructors bank online or in person where there is no charge.

Our Out Source Admin Team charge £46 for their quick test finding service.  The office also reserve the right to charge an internal admin fee for additional services eg. changing / dates for lessons or finding of tests which will be charged to the card holder.  Please note because test finding is a live system, we may not always be able to contact the pupil before the charge is made however if you want a quick service, this is the process.

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