Useful Information

Useful Information

Before booking your course please make sure you can handle being in a car for at least 4 hours each day. Intensive driving courses are not for the weak hearted you will challenge yourself as well as aiming to succeed in passing your practical test on the last day.

Remember each student learns at a different pace so dont be surprised if you learn slower...or even quicker than you thought, everyone is different.

There have been rumours around for years that on some days the examiner has to pass a certain amount of students and fail a certain amount.

True or False...only they know. However if you drive to the examiners standard you will stand a higher chance of passing, because if you do not you will fail, its as simple as that.

If you feel that you may be unfairly marked by an examiner you can take your instructor with you on your actual test. Remember also that on your actual test you are driving to the DSA standard you are not there to impress the examiner, you should drive the way you have been taught on your course.

Sometimes students try to drive below the speed limit in order to pass, all that will do is provide you with a serious error on you test paper.

Drive to the instructors standard and you have a strong chance of passing your test with flying colours.


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