Why Choose Us

 Why Choose Us

Why Choose us?
Very simple we don’t over charge you with endless lessons, also all of our instructors are equiped to provide you with an Intensive driving course in a precise manner. We only use fully qualified Instructors which helps them spot any driving faults you may encounter very early on in the lessons, which in turn will save you time and money.
We would like to take you on a journey from start to finish with ID4U.

We offer competitive rates so you do not have to take a loan out to drive.

assessment lesson built into some courses
pick up from home, work or school
 AUTOMATIC driving lessons available in some areas
 Office operate daily up until 8:30pm
 Tailor-made intensive crash  driving courses
 M/F driving instructors
 PASS plus & Motorway driving lessons
 DUAL control cars


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Driving Instructors in and around London